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Welcome to the classroom!


Exploring Surfaces

In this class, we are going to make a number of journal pages, getting up close and personal with a very cool variety of surfaces, and learning which mediums work best on each one.  We will spend the class getting well acquainted with all of our supplies and learn the ins and outs of which surfaces to use them on in order to make them behave to their very best potential.


Please Note:  This class content is included in the 12 Sessions–”In The Studio” class.




Intro To Color Mixing

If you haven’t played much with blending paints, then your life will never be the same! OK that may be a little dramatic, but after years of painting and creating, the unpredictable beauty that happens when blending paints still gets me fired up every time! We will use these concepts in other online classes to help in the progress of our projects and begin adding more layers to our work.


Please Note:  This class content is included in the 12 Sessions–”In The Studio” class.




Life In The Palm Of Your Hand

Create your own mini-album that will speak right to your soul.  It’s jamm-packed with pictures and words that will be something to cherish in years to come!  You can use your imagination and creativity using printables mixed with some thread and cute accents, or even put together on box flaps from the recycling bin!  Pouring out your heart is the only MUST to creating something truly beautiful.


“Family Cre8” Online Class

We are pleased to be Re-Launching our popular Family cre-8 online course!  Just in time to spend the holidays creating together with your special peeps of all ages!  This class has been designed to give you plenty of creative gift giving ideas or simply beautiful family centered projects to fill your home with handmade joy!

Join me and my kids for 8 easy but awesome gift and decor lessons you can make on your own or together with the whole family!  You will use all of your own art, photos and handwriting for perfectly personalized pieces.  Don’t send those stacks of school papers and telephone doodles to the recycling bin quite yet!!!



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“In The Studio” 12 Session Class

No matter where you live in the world, you have the opportunity to take a virtual step into my studio and create with me online, to learn just like my local students do each week!!  Each session will focus on exploring a whole new set of mediums, surfaces, and techniques.  I am so excited to see what you will create and how you’re going to grow!

3 Month Payment Option:


“Lettering Styles” Class – 7 Weeks

Join me on a 7 week quest as I guide you in developing your very own artsy lettering styles, playing with different writing techniques and mediums, and then building ten different types of lettering off of that foundation!  We will work through the lessons with some beautiful projects, and  you will come away with a whole new set of tools and tricks for pouring your heart confidently into journal pages, art pieces, and scrapbooks.



One of my favorite classes!!  I will walk you through the steps to create a bright and imaginative world where trees come in sweet cotton candy puffs made of magical colors, and forest animals sail in buckets powered by pillow case sails. It’s the kind of Art that makes me wish I could dive right onto the page! As always, feel free to take the ideas in this lesson mix in your own magic and change it up however your imagination can dream!


Please Note:  This class content is included in the 12 Sessions–”In The Studio” class.