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Intro To Color Mixing


If you haven’t played much with blending paints, then your life will never be the same! OK that may be a little dramatic, but after years of painting and creating, the unpredictable beauty that happens when blending paints still gets me fired up every time! We will use these concepts in other online classes to help in the progress of our projects and begin adding more layers to our work.


Please Note:  This class content is included in the 12 Sessions–”In The Studio” class.



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Intro To Color Mixing

Product Description

Welcome to the joy of mixing different layers and colors of watercolors and acrylics! I am many things as a teacher: carefree, lighthearted, happy and gentle, most definitely gentle. So, as with most things I teach, we will come at this successful color mixing thing slowly and gently to ensure you have results you can be proud of no matter your age or experience!


What To Expect:
– For students of all ages and skill levels!
– Self paced online course; the lessons are all online and you take them as quickly or slowly as you wish
– Class instructions delivered through video, high quality photos and beautiful printable pages
– Private Forum discussions with ongoing access to the teacher
– Your own password protected account with access 24/7
– No expiry date.  As with all of our classes, we strongly believe that once you’ve paid for the class, it’s yours to keep!


**Gift Option:

If you would like to purchase this class for a creative soul in your life, we will hold off on sending the login details to you and send a lovely gift certificate that you can print instead!  Please just specify ” this is a gift” in your purchase notes!


Due to the nature of this course with downloadable content, we do not offer refunds. Please read the description provided and be sure you are aware of what you are investing in. Thank you for understanding.

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