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Set Free 6×8 Clear Stamps by CD Muckosky



Wings for me symbolize a beautiful feeling of freedom and Grace and are one of my favorite trademark things to use in my own Art pieces. Eight pairs of wings, three crowns, and two expressions fill this lovingly hand drawn 6×8 stamp set. A larger set designed so you can add wings to all of the special angels in your life, this one has my heart in every line. From paintings to scrapbook pages- No matter the project you use them on, these wings create a feeling of heavenly freedom, soft Grace, and dreams taking flight!


Set Free 6×8 Clear Stamps by CD Muckosky
Baby Kanewings

Product Description


Includes one 6″ x 8″ Clear Stamp Set by CD Muckosky


Please Note:   Keep in mind this is a pre-order special release.  You will be notified just as soon as we have the stamps in hand and they will be shipped to you promptly.